Eating Truffles – Our First Truffle Dinner

It was so exciting to finally enjoy our first truffle meal at Truffle Valley last year. We never imagined that we would be eating truffles from our own truffle orchard in just the fourth winter after its establishment. Comparatively speaking, this is an early yield....

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Rita apprentice truffle hunter graduates

We are proud to report that Rita apprentice truffle hunter, has graduated to trainee truffle hunter at Truffle Valley in the Yarra Valley. She started her scent detection training at 3 months old as apprentice truffle hunter. She loves doing the work but really thinks...

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Truffle Valley opens its Truffle Shop this season.

Truffle Valley in the Yarra Valley is opening its Truffle Shop on 18th JuneĀ 2022 (Assuming truffle season is not delayed by weather conditions). Then every Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 5pm until end of August. We are excited to announce the inaugural opening of our...

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