Truffle Valley opens its Truffle Shop this season.

Truffle Valley in the Yarra Valley is opening its Truffle Shop on 18th June 2022 (Assuming truffle season is not delayed by weather conditions). Then every Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 5pm until end of August.

We are excited to announce the inaugural opening of our Truffle Shop at Truffle Valley in the Yarra Valley. Visit our beautiful farm and experience an old fashioned farm style welcome. Don’t miss your chance to purchase fresh truffles.

French Black Truffles are our speciality. Their aroma and flavour being a memorable epicurean delight. Chefs and home cooks alike can transform any dish into a gourmet dish using truffles. Go here to find out the best way to store your truffles to optimise their freshness for as long as possible. You will also find a little advice about how to cook with truffle and some examples of the wonderful dishes to make using truffles.

Three mushrooms black truffle on a red-yellow blurred background.


Fresh is best and our truffles are freshly harvested just prior to your purchase. Our trusty canine truffle hunters Tessa and Rita are skilled at sniffing out the truffles beneath the soil. Each dog has her own unique way of indicating to their trainer, the location for starting the careful process of digging up the truffles and detaching them from the root of the host tree. Tessa taps the ground and impatiently taps again if the trainer missed the signal the first time. Then she sits to attention. Rita on the other hand, taps the ground where there is the strongest truffle smell, then wags her tail furiously and seeks out a strong eye contact with her trainer.

You can Contact us or sign up to Truffle Valley News below, to find out more about our truffles and how to purchase some.